This is your virtual project management office to consult the new owner in order to comprehend full construction phases. The buyer and owner is the flame and the impelling force to virtualize the superyacht concept of his dreams.

Reputable Designers

Suggestion to any of several brand and innovative superyacht design studios, all with established reputation, striving for excellence in exterior and interior design. Cooperation between the new owner and the studio will form a creation exceeding expectations.

Brand Shipyards

Suggestion to brand builders with incomparable records, and guarantee provisions, by matching time in feasible construction, budget and expertise. The Owners distinctive vision takes a form under technical recommendations or amendments by the builders.

Project Management

The appointed team amalgamates procedures, implements in Specification List embodied in the GA; during a planning algorithm collaborates & supervises procedures accuracy by shipyard’ or exterior technical teams to effectuate proper delivery.

New Building Stages and Procedures.

Serenity have taken possession of owner’s entire soul.

The in-house expert team all certified Marine Engineers and Specialty technical experts will attend each every project in new building or refit.

Backbone Concept
Principle knowledge shared between new owner and trustworthy management / brokerage house which preserves long-standing relationships with the shipyards, designers, engineers, suppliers and financiers.

Owner’s Requirements :
Owner’s dreamy yacht in terms of size, lines, sea balconies, opulence, pool, all special key features and performance; all to reflect owner’s special personality.

Technical Specification

Specifications to be prepared and reviewed in coordination with the suggested or selected shipyard before or during Designer’s selection.

Design :  An exciting phase to choose a talented brand or new exterior designer, and an interior design studio, to elaborate all data and construct the General Arrangement Plan. 


Contract procedures implement experience and high end negotiations to couple commercial and technical forces whittling down costly mistakes.

Orchestration: Project Management collaborates with essential administrative teams, Naval Architecture, Shipyard project teams, marine and electrical Engineering labors.


Potential technical implementation in selected sub-contractors supervision for exterior or interior outfitting. It needs expertise to avoid work repetition, if outcome does not meet planned design criteria.

Sea Trials : Upon completion of the construction Phase with remarkable stages, the sea trials in attendance of all parties involved and experts in final measurements at sea. Acceptance & Delivery.


Consultancy. Logistics. Operational customized services to incorporate legal and accounting. Yacht’s class & legislation compliance. Recruitment. Concierge.


Dreamy design to form all your requirements


Flawless superyacht in guarantee


Our Technical Station to offer services


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